Enjoy Spring Like Wicker Furniture Year Round

Recycling is not new. Back in the mid-17th century, Europeans were crafting outdoor furniture from tree trimmings. We call it wicker. And the comforting creak of a wicker rocker on a warm, breezy evening was once as much a part of America’s summertime as baseball and lemonade. Actually, wicker furniture dates back so far that [...]

Know Your Wood Furniture Products

Here are some definitions of terms, from the Unfinished Furniture Association, to help you learn about and shop for wood furniture. Trees are classified as hardwood or softwood, though the terms have little to do with the density and feel of the wood. Hardwood – From deciduous trees, which have leaves and lose those leaves [...]

How to Buy the Original Antique Furniture

Antique furniture such as opium furniture is not only gave uniqueness inside the room but making money for the pocket as well. Yes, there are many people around the world became collector of this kind of furniture and here are the tips to buy the original antique furniture. As we know, during the old centuries [...]

Antique Furniture for Apartment

Who said that antique furniture such as opium furniture only suitable for big houses? Yes, antique furniture could be an interesting focal point if it is placed inside an apartment. There are many techniques to expose the furniture for the apartment and here are the tips for you. Before you put the opium furniture inside [...]

Need Best Online Provider to Find Unique Furniture?

We are in the era of network and technology. There are many advantages that we can get by using these two features. By using network and technology, we can communicate with all people around the world. Therefore we can also get reliable information we need. All we need to do is typing some keywords by [...]

One of the Best Furniture in the World

All of us know that something we need take a break from our daily activities. We need to refresh our mind. There are many ways to refresh our mind. Most people love to hang around with beloved friends. However there is a time when we need alone. Therefore the best way is by refreshing our [...]

All about Furniture

When we heard word opium, we are thinking about the plant that uses to make some drugs. This kind of drug can make us get addicted to the opium itself. However inspiring by the name of opium, some people make some furniture that has very beautiful and unique design. This kind of furniture calls opium [...]

Need the Best Way to Give Elegant Impression in Our House?

We are living in the era that network and technology play big role in every aspects of our life. People have many advantages of using these two features. We can communicate with all people around the world. Most people even use these two features to buy or sell their products or services. All we need [...]

Furniture as One of Indonesia Commodities

Every country in the world has their own natural resources that they can sell to another country. One of the examples is china. China is very famous as ceramic maker. How about Indonesia? Indonesia is a very rich country. Indonesia has many natural resources that they can use to improve their wealth. One of the [...]

The Art of Opium Furniture

Opium, a plant name that would remind you how intoxicate it is. Initially, Opium is used for pain relief because it contains up to 12% morphine. But now, Opium is famous as one of drugs. The use of the drug of opium began in the fifteenth century in China but was limited by its rarity and expense.