Opium Addict

Opium, one of addictive substances made from plant. In the early age is produced as medicine however in its history it is used illegally as a drug. The addicts said it will bring you to kind of amusing feeling and putting your mind to rest.  Nonetheless, opium has its long and great history in around the world including in Asia especially in Java, then used as the name of furniture collection, Opium.

The Opium history is started many years ago, particular in Indonesia is more than hundred years ago thus it influenced many aspect in the Indonesian history. In that period many opium houses were built to give pleasure to the opium addicts. Those were inspiring us to present this collection to you. This unique design was inspire from old-fashioned furniture still with oriental influence and many others.

This classic opium furniture collection appears in various items available in beds, drawers, bench, tables, wardrobes, cabinets, bookcases, and chest. The Opium collection is made of finest wood material and processes trough high standard processing and controlling. Trough Opium collection will boost the house with its nice appearance, which suit to classic look or contemporary design. Though, it is as well suitable to modern style house as wood furniture is timeless.