The Art of Opium Furniture

Opium, a plant name that would remind you how intoxicate it is. Initially, Opium is used for pain relief because it contains up to 12% morphine. But now, Opium is famous as one of drugs. The use of the drug of opium began in the fifteenth century in China but was limited by its rarity and expense.

Opium trade became more regular by the seventeenth century, when it was mixed with tobacco for smoking, and addiction was first recognized. Opium for illegal use is often converted into heroin, which is less bulky, thereby making it easier to smuggle, and which multiplies its potency to approximately twice that of morphine.

But its plant form which is beautiful, inspired some people to make furniture which have unique design as opium.  Looking for the history that Opium was caused big wars. How opium has big affect especially in China. First time opium furniture was made in to chaise lounge, where the opium dens could enjoy sucking opium on it. Then opium furniture expanded in to other form such table, chair, rack, and many others.

Opium furniture bring oriental atmosphere and it’s suitable for anywhere, houses, offices, or else. Usually, opium furniture made from wood, teak, mahogany, or else. One of them can be found in Indonesia furniture manufacturer which its country is the largest teak wood producing countries. Its beautiful curves are suitable for people who love art. You can place an opium furniture lounge on your terrace. Enjoy reading your favorite books accompanied by a cup of tea on your opium table. What a lovely!